Relay pre-race email, sent to pre-registered participants on 11/4/21

Marathon pre-race email, sent to pre-registered participants on 11/4/21

The 49th Annual Enders Insurance Harrisburg Marathon will take you on a picturesque journey through beautiful Harrisburg alongside the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. This race is presented by Donegal Insurance Group.

This year’s Harrisburg Marathon will use the same course that was created last year in 2020. Safety is always our number one governing factor at all of our Harrisburg YMCA running races. Many of last year’s participants found this Boston Qualifier course to be extremely fast and there were a significant number of PR’s reported.
The Marathon is a two day event!

    • Saturday, November 13th – Relay (4 people per team)
    • Sunday, November 14th – Marathon

RELAY NOTE: We are excited to announce that the Harrisburg Marathon Relay is back after having to take a one year hiatus. In fact they are bigger and better than ever! This year we are dedicating one day just to the relay (Saturday, November 13th) due to the ever increasing interest in this event. So whether you want to run 5, 8 or 26.2 miles we have a distance for you!



  • March to April – $210/team
  • May to June – $230
  • July to August – $250
  • September to October – $270
  • November 1st to November 8th at 11:59pm – $290


  • March – $70
  • April – $75
  • May – $80
  • June – $85
  • July – $90
  • August – $95
  • September – $100
  • October – $105
  • November – $110


  • Participants must be 15 years old to register.
  • Registration is online only – there is no in-person registration or mail-in registration.
  • All participants will sign up for corral starts with waves starting every 10 minutes (more details below).
  • Online registration closes on Monday, November 8th at 11:59pm OR if the race sells out prior.
Paper Registration Form – Runners and Walkers (PDF)

Relay Paper Registration Form (PDF)


In the unlikely event that our permission to have an in-person event is rescinded, the 2020 Enders Insurance Harrisburg Marathon will become a virtual race. You will have the option of participating in the virtual race and getting your race bag, bibs, and shirt OR a 50% refund.

As much as we would like to be considerate of our participants who may request a 100% refund, this event requires purchasing a significant amount of supplies in advance. If the YMCA were to give full refunds to all participants, this event would go from a fundraiser to a net loss of thousands of dollars for the YMCA during a time when all non-profits are struggling to continue operations.

We are giving 100% to have a safe, fun, and wonderful Harrisburg Marathon event in person, but if circumstances were to change due to concerns for the safety of our community outside of our control, we will provide additional instructions.


Deferrals are offered up to Monday, November 8th. The cost is $20. Click here for instructions on how to defer. 


FLEET FEET MECHANICSBURG (Silver Spring Square, 6416 Carlisle Pike #700, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050)

  • Thursday, November 11th – 10am-7pm
  • Friday, November 12th – 10am-6pm
    • Please note that packet pickup on the 6th ends at 6PM


  • Saturday, November 13th 
    • 6:45am-7:45am for Relay participants )
    • 8am-2pm (for Sunday participants who want to pick up prior to race day)
  • Sunday, November 14th 
    • 6am-7:15am

Please make every effort to get your race bib and shirt prior to race day.


This is the same for both the Marathon AND the Relay

  • The start and finish will be in the north parking lot on City Island
  • We will use a corral start and will be sending participants off in small groups every 10 minutes


Because of all the extensive planning that goes into a marathon and lingering uncertainty of what restrictions may or may not be in effect by race time, the same course from 2020 will be used for 2021. For the Marathon, it is a two-lap course that starts and ends in the same place. For the relay, it will start and end in the same location and featured two legs, a north leg and a south leg (more on this below).

The course will close at 2:30pm.

BQ Status: Our course is officially USATF Certified as a full marathon! The course certification # is PA20011NP. Link below. If you are not familiar, a 26.2 mile route must be USATF certified to be accepted by the BAA as a qualifier race.

Timing mats. There will be timing mats at the start, halfway point, and finish. There will also be timing mats all the way at the north and south points of the course. All participants will have their times logged at each timing point as well as manual backups from our race timer at the north and south parts of the course.

The Harrisburg Marathon will consist of two laps of this course.

The course will open for the first corral at 6:30am and will close at 2:30pm.


6:30am – Walker start

7:30am exactly Group Start. We will have a group start at 7:30am. This will include the male and female elites lining up at the starting line first.

End of group start to 7:45am – Rolling Start. We will then leave the starting line open on a rolling basis until 7:45am. If anyone does not want to start with a group start, they can hang back for a bit and then start the race on a rolling basis after the main group start has cleared the starting line arch. We realize that not everyone feels comfortable with a group start, so any participant that wants to start with some extra space will be able to during this time.

NOTE: The above starting times will include male and female Elites in the group start at 7:30am. Elites and anyone competing for an age group award should line up as close to the starting line as possible. There are no corrals starting every 10 minutes like in the 2020 event. This will not change unless there are new state and local guidelines we have to abide by.

The Marathon course will be open until 2:30pm.


When registering a team, have the following info ready:

  • Name of each team member
  • Date of birth of each team member
  • Email for each team member
  • Cumulative age of all team members
    • This will be the cumulative age as of race day (Saturday, November 13th)
    • You will have to choose the category your team will be in (see below)
  • Emergency name and contact
  • What leg each person is running (this can be changed later)

Relay categories:

  • Open (cumulative age 52-159)
  • Masters (cumulative age 160+)
  • 50+ Masters (all participants 50+)


The relay will begin at 8am on Saturday, November 13th. The relay course will remain open until 1:30pm.

There are four people to a relay team.

There will be two relay legs, a north route and a south route.

Both relay legs will start and end at the same place on City Island. There are no relay exchanges out on the course like in previous years. This will make it easy for everyone to find the relay exchange areas and for spectators to watch.

North Relay Leg (approximately 8 miles)

South Relay Leg (approximately 5.1 miles)

We are planning on alternating relay legs:

  • Relay participant #1 – North leg
  • Relay participant #2 – South leg
  • Relay participant #3 – North leg
  • Relay participant #4 – South leg

Final instructions will be sent to all relay participants prior to the event.

All relay participants will receive a relay finisher medal.

Each relay team will receive an ankle strap with a timing chip, which will be passed along to the next team member after each leg is completed.


Click here to see the pace team lineup.


The Penn Harris Hotel has offered a special rate for participants! This hotel is located just a short drive away from the start/finish line on City Island.

Please call the hotel at 717-763-7117

AWARDS (updated 10/23)

Saturday Relay participants:

  • All awards will be scored by chip time, so essentially it is a team time trial race.
  • All relay exchanges will all take place on City Island in the North parking lot near the start/finish line.

Sunday Marathon participants:

  • Overall awards will be scored by gun time (order of finish)
  • Age group awards will be scored by chip time.

Timing mats. There will be timing mats on the course. Any participant that does not clock a time when crossing these mats each lap will be disqualified from awards. These timing mats at the north and south parts of the course are not meant to be split time mats – they are specifically placed for ensuring that all award winners complete the entire route each lap. These turnaround points also have a manual backup in addition to the chip time mats, so even in the event of some kind of equipment malfunction; we will have your bib number recorded manually each time.

  • There will be an awards ceremony at the event.
  • Final age group awards will not be available until results are finalized after the Sunday event.
  • No duplicate awards.

PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE TIMING TENT TO REQUEST YOUR TIME OR ASK QUESTIONS OF THE TIMING STAFF. Our timing staff will not be able to assist you as they will be managing starts, stops, and checkpoints. 

We will not be issuing prize money.

Overall Awards (1st-3rd place for all four categories below)

  • Overall male
  • Overall female
  • Overall male masters (40+)
  • Overall female masters (40+)

Marathon Age Group Awards (first, second, and third place for male and female categories listed below)

  • 19 and under
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75+

Relay awards (1st place for each category)

  • All male
  • All female
  • Mixed
  • All male masters (cumulative age of 160+)
  • All female masters (cumulative age of 160+)
  • Mixed masters (cumulative age of 160+)


All finishers will receive a finisher medal and a race hoodie. When you register your shirt size, please take this into consideration since some prefer to order their hoodie a size larger than they would a t-shirt.


Relay results

Marathon results


The race will be timed by Falcon Race Timing using disposable chip timing. All race participants must cross the finish mat to register a time. Be sure to wear your bib on the front of your body during the race to ensure an accurate time as the chips will be attached to the back of these. The preliminary results will be posted after the race.


There is going to be a lot of spectator room in the parking lot area where the race starts and finishes. The final stretch of the race will take place around the perimeter of the parking lot, so there will be plenty of room for spectators to space out!

NOTE: We will be following whatever state and local government guidelines are at race time, so these restrictions may change .


  • All water stations will have 8oz bottles of water that participants can pick up as they run past.
  • We will be able to provide Gatorade (Frost Glacier Freeze) but not gels. Gatorade will be served in paper cups with lids.
  • Honey Stinger gels will be available at Aid Stations #3 and #4
  • Participants are highly encouraged to use hydration packs and self-fuel.


  • There will be parking on City Island for participants.


Porta-potties will be placed adjacent to all water station listed above.


Not running but interested in helping out?

We need some extra volunteer help since we are holding this race over the course of two days! We need volunteers for the start line/finish line area, water stations on the course, and especially with directing runners on the route. We will provide comprehensive instructions. Most volunteer shifts are between 2-3 hours.

We already have the best volunteers in the entire running community (not to brag =) so if you are interested, please contact Chip Hitz at



EMS utility vehicles will be available along the course. EMTs will be available near the finish line on City Island. EMTs will be in contact with each water station in case of emergency. There will also be a medical tent at starting/finish line, which you will also pass at the halfway point.


Will there be food trucks?

  • We will not be having food trucks this year.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

  • There will not be an awards ceremony at the event.
  • All results will be updated on the results page of the Falcon Race Timing page for the Harrisburg Mile as soon as they are ready.
  • Awards will be mailed to participants following the race.

Can I register in-person?

  • No, there will not be any in-person registration this year.
  • All participants must signup online by Monday, November 2nd at 11:59pm.

Can I stick around to watch the race after I finish?

  • As much as we would love to have everyone hang out and watch the race like we do every year, we need to keep our overall crowd size down and kindly ask that once you finish, you head out and make room for the next finisher.

What do I do after I finish the race?

We’ll miss you! Once participants have finished running, we ask that they exit through the finish line chute and proceed to leave City Island. This will prevent overcrowding, encourage social distancing, and make room for the next finisher!

  • After the race, we will have a finish line chute where you can get water and see some of our vendors.
  • After exiting the finish line chute, we respectfully ask our participants to head out so we can keep our crowd size down.

Are awards chip-timed or gun-timed?

  • All age group awards are chip-timed.
    • This is because we are utilizing a corral format and not a gun-time format like usual.

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